A Low Cost Mobile Vehicle Fault Code Scan Service

Our ‘Read & Delete’ only service is the affordable solution for initial troubleshooting fault codes and warning messages on your car or van. Prices start from just £10

Frustrated by Fault Codes & Messages?

We know how annoying it can be when your car suddenly displays a warning message on your dashboard display.

For safety reasons it’s critical that you know if Airbags & Braking Systems are functioning.

Fault Codes & Warning Lights can also now result in an MOT failure.

We Come to your home or workplace

We’re a Mobile Service, so we come to your home or place of work to carry out the scan on your vehicle.

Our online booking system makes it super simple to arrange a date and time for your diagnostic scan, simply select your post code area and choose an available time slot.

Bookings are subject to a non-refundable deposit at the time of making the appointment to avoid abuse of the system, with the remainder payable by cash or mobile card payment upon completion of the work.

We're Affordable

We only read and clear DTC fault codes, we don’t provide any actual electrical or mechanical work or diagnosis.

This means we can offer a low cost option by providing only initial diagnostics, as well as clearing any existing fault codes and warning messages, however you will have much more detailed information regarding any faults to help you in obtaining quotes from a garage or dealership.


Number of Computers in a modern car

Modern cars may have up to 100 ECU’s and a commercial vehicle up to 40

As electronic controls began to be used for more automotive applications, the acronym ECU took on the more general meaning of “electronic control unit”, and then specific ECU’s were developed. Now, ECU’s are modular.


( source: wikipedia )

Number of sensors in cars by 2020

There are sensors fitted throughout the modern vehicle which monitor systems such as:

  • Electronic power steering malfunction indicator lamp
  • Electronic parking brake control and malfunction indicator lamp
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) components, including the switch (if fitted) and malfunction warning
  • Brake fluid warning lamp
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
  • SRS components including airbags, seat belt pre-tensioners, seat belt load limiters
  • SRS malfunction warning lamp
  • and more…

( source: automotivesensors2015.com )

Number of extra checks in MOT for vehicle components

New EU Rules Mean Additional MOT Checks

There are now 20 extra checks to various vehicle components including airbags, tyre pressure monitoring system, catalytic converter and electronic stability control (ESC).

If your car has warning messages or displays lights indicating a fault in these systems your car will most likely fail it’s MOT test.

( source: confused.com )

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