We provide a simple, low cost solution to Warning Lights & Fault Code messages by providing a ‘first step’ diagnostics service

So you can't fix the problem?

We don’t carry out any electrical or mechanical work on your vehicle, so no we can’t fix any problems I’m afraid, we supply you with a copy of the scanner screen image to allow you to either pass on to your chosen garage or mechanic, or even to help you fix the fault yourself*.

However we can erase any existing fault codes, so if the fault was purely a transient non-safety related warning message but your vehicle still displays a warning message or light then we can clear the DTC which will remove the warning from the dashboard.

Clearing a fault from the system will not fix the underlying problem, and so if the fault remains the warning message or light will return until the fault is fixed.

*you should not attempt to fix or repair components on your vehicle unless trained and qualified to do so.


Why does my car have a Warning Message or Light on the Dashboard Display?

Modern vehicles have several computers and many electrical & electronic devices to control various systems on a car, these can be anything from entertainment systems such as radios & CD players, to vital safety components such as Steering, Braking, Airbags etc.

Computer systems monitor many aspects of these components and any problems are displayed as an error or warning message on your dashboard display, a warning light, or possibly a combination of the two.

Is it serious, can’t I just ignore the fault?

Although some warning messages may only relate to non-safety specific faults, others should always be investigated and resolved, recent changes to the MOT testrequire that warning lights being displayed for such things as ABS or SRS ( Airbags ) will result in you vehicle being classified as unroadworthy and so fail the MOT test.

What is a DTC Fault Code, how can you help?

A DTC, or Diagnostic Trouble Code, is now a standard system on vehicles and provides a method of communicating faults, errors, warnings or any ‘out of parameter’ events detected by your vehicles on-board system.

Every modern vehicle has a connection port, called an OBDII port, which allows diagnostic scanners to read these codes to help identify the cause of the problem.

Our scanner allows us to help you solve problems with your vehicle, as it helps to narrow down the point at which the system has detected a fault, this then allows you to take the right course of action, saving you time and money by having much more information to supply to your mechanic, garage or dealer.


Can't I just buy a scanner & do this myself?

Of course it’s possible for you to purchase a suitable scanner and carry out the scan yourself, however many scanners cost around £100, and many cost much more, money that would be better spent on actually fixing the fault!

Our goal is to provide people with this service at a much more affordable price, from as little as £20 we can visit your home or workplace & provide you with the information you need to help fix the problem.


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