Helping you to find & fix the faults on your car by yourself

If you prefer to service and repair your own car, rather than taking it to a garage or dealer, then our vehicle diagnostic scan service is for you.

Our mobile fault code scanning service allows you to locate the faults on your car and fix them yourself, which means huge savings when compared to garage repair costs. The problem with trying to find electrical faults nowadays is that it isn’t just a case of looking for a broken wire or blown fuse, although of course these are still possible faults, but it’s the faults that are ‘hidden’ with the circuits, computer systems and sensors that can be so difficult to trace without some help.

For example, let’s imagine that an airbag fault message or warning light suddenly appears on your dashboard, the only thing you know is that there’s a problem somewhere, but no idea where the fault could be, as the warning light or dashboard message is merely an indication of a fault, not a description or location of the fault itself.

Trouble Codes to the rescue!

As your vehicle contains so many computer systems and sensors, it can actually help diagnose the fault, but only if you’re able to read the DTC’s or diagnostic trouble codes from your vehicles OBDII port.

That’s where our low-cost diagnostic scanning service really helps, for a fraction of the cost of a trip to the garage or dealer, we can visit you and your vehicle, connect our scanner and read these codes for you, giving you a much better idea of the location of the actual fault itself.

In our example, this could indicate a problem with a side impact air bag sensor underneath the front passenger seat, which makes checking and fixing the fault much quicker and cheaper.


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